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An old story goes Give a man a fish he eats for a day. Teach him to fish he eats for a lifetime.

Chinese Proverb


"Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."
—Walt Disney


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* Check out our new "Fun Stuff" page. This month we are featuring a great cookie recipe.

Rugelach is a surprisingly easy cookie recipe. I have bought it for years in LA. Now I can make it myself.


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Recycling Shows /Classroom Shows

Sludge our famous *Recycling Dragon will be featured in our recycling shows. A Dragon with a attitude on recycling, He would love to appear at your school.

(You can also request a non-magic program with a dog puppet)


The Recycling Challenge

* Meet the 250 pound Recycling Challenge and get a show. Do you have a recycling program? We can help you get started. We will even offer a short assembly to motivate your students to take the Recycling Challenge and earn a program. This is a win-win challenge. If you don't meet the challenge 2 weeks before the program call us, we can cancel the program and you owe nothing. You also have the option for having the program and paying for it. Our programs are reasonably priced. For more information call us at 661-871-8155 or email us @

" If your not Recycling your just throwing money away"

About our Shows: "Talkin' Trash" - is one of the most innovative ways to teach recycling in a fun and educational manner. With Magic & Puppetry our shows will convey to children important recycling concepts, and how they can make a difference for our planet. Remember - Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse.

Talkin' Trash Jr. - Pre-school and Kindergarden

This show is designed for Pre-schools - Kindergarden. "Talkin' Trash" - visually shows pre-schoolers the importance of recycling. We show them how raw materials can become something else when recycled. The children are also shown what kind of materials can be recycled, and where their parents can go to do it.

In the show children will be chosen to assist the magician with the "Magic of Recycling". They will get to meet "Sludge , our recyling dragon. In this fun and educational show, they will also learn that there is money to be earned in recycling many things. This 30 minute show is perfect for pre-schoolers and is designed to hold their attention. Through the use of very colorful props and language they can understand, they will grasp elementary concepts of the importance of recycling.

Talkin' Trash- 1st-8th Assemblies

This show is designed for 1st - 8th grade Talkin Trash - combines many of the same concepts taught in our Pre-school shows, but with some different magic effects designed especially for the Elementary school assemblies. In our assembly show we introduce "Sludge" our recycling puppet. Sludge our adorable recycling dragon will further explain the importance of not polluting our streams and oceans. Students are chosen to help illustrate important recycling concepts.

This 40-45 minute show will have your students not only thinking recycling but doing something to make a difference. In cooperation with a recycling program being implemented in some schools, this would make an excellent addition. The students would learn about even more items they can recycle.Reduce, recycle and re-use will have greater meaning to them.

* We are also offering our Talkin' Trash Show to both pre-school and Kindergarden classes. This is a shorter show 30 minutes in length.